Grouse Shooting

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Alvie moorlands are dedicated to grouse shooting between 12th August and the first week in September.

Red grouse, and occasionally blue hare, are in abundance over much of the moorland but population sizes are dependant on winter mortality and breeding success in the spring. As a result numbers are subject to dramatic fluctuations. Expected daily bags are normally in the region of 40 brace (80 birds) for 8-9 guns but have been known to fluctuate between 35 and over 100 brace (200 birds).

Grouse shooting can be adversely affected by inclement weather. Both sleet and snow have been known on Alvie's moors even in August. Shooting clients and their guests are expected to be attired in clothing that will blend in with the surroundings suitable for inclement weather.

For walking up grouse participants should be fit enough to walk up to 5 miles over rough terrain carrying a gun safely.

For driven grouse participants should be capable of walking up to 2 miles. A driven shoot consists of 9 guns plus guests.

Shooting With Shotguns

Shooting clients are normally expected to be experienced in shooting and to provide their own shotgun which must not be automatic or semi-automatic, and with a bore not less than .410 or with a barrel which has an internal diameter of more than 1.75" (4.5cm) at the muzzle.  The Estate must be informed on booking if any of the shooting party is not experienced.

The Head Gamekeeper or Laird will give a short talk on the safe use of shotguns at the beginning of the day or session and anyone, who in opinion of the Head Gamekeeper is considered to be transgressing these rules or a danger to others, will be asked to stop shooting with the immediate effect.  The Head Gamekeeper's decision will be final.

A maximum of 2 guests will normally be allowed to accompany each shooting client with a maximum of 10 guests per shooting party for lunch by prior arrangement.

The Head Gamekeeper will determine the ground to be covered and the game to be shot.

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